Trish Daly

TPI Fitness Level 2 Certified Golf Trainer
Level 2 Yoga for Golfers Certified Instructor

Diploma Remedial Massage, Diploma Fitness
and Sports Trainer Level 1

Hi – My name is Trish Daly,  and I just love Golf.

Over the years I have discovered that the golf swing is highly technical and places tremendous rotational forces on our spine. These forces are great enough to fracture verabra and damage lumbar discs. As golfers it’s important that we learn to protect and strengthen our spine.  While most golfers see the need to be more flexible and want to create more power and increase club head speed. They don’t see a need to be Fit For Golf.

Trish with Lance Gill

Trish with Lance Gill

Working with a number of golfers over the past few years, I am amazed at how often these golfers leak power! 

This can be for a number of reasons...

  • There is no real rotation in their hips
  • They have not learned to disassociate their upper body from their lower body
  • They have not learned to load the right leg in the back swing, or fire their hips in the transition or load their left leg in the follow through.

Many times this can caused by our hyper flexed lifestyle. We spent so much of the day sitting at a desk, we then jump into our car to drive home again in a sitting position, we then sit down to eat and even in bed we curl up into the fetal position as a results our hip flexors become very tight and our gluteals switch off, placing more load on the hamstrings. 

The good news is this can be fixed!

And when it is, in time it will have a major impact on your golf swing. I will show you ways to increase your pelvic rotation - and therefore deliver more power at impact.

We have a four-point plan to address this - what we do is:

  1. We screen the golfer.
  2. We diagnose their issue
  3. We prescribe drills and exercises to fix their issue
  4. We progress the golfer and achieve results.

Contact me today for more details.

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