• Yoga for Golfers

A dynamic, hands-on, golf performance workshop designed to increase distance, power, focus, confidence, and vitality.

Join Trish Daly Certified Level 2 Yoga For Golfers™ (YFG) Instructor, in this powerful workshop that applies yoga-based physical and mental conditioning to the biomechanics of the golf swing.

See and feel a difference in your game!

  • Increase your flexibility and strength for more consistency and power.
  • Improve your posture, the foundation of the golf swing.
  • Improve you breathing and focus to enhance your overall performance.
  • Learn a dynamic warm-up so you play your best right from the first tee.
  • Extend your body’s ability to play so you can play better, longer, and with more confidence and increased enjoyment.

Yoga for Golfers

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